7 day diet plan for weight loss – How To Make A Diet Plan For Weight Loss

A diet plan is very important but sometimes it gets overlooked by people due to their busy schedule or routine. However, making a diet plan is so important because by only acting on a diet plan you can save yourself from many diseases.

Having a 7 day diet plan for weight loss will help you to lose your weight especially belly fat. So, if you had put on some extra weight you can lighten it up by following this high protein diet meal plan.

The research found that a high protein diet can be used for weight loss because it keeps the person full. When you are full you will surely crave less for food. Avoiding overeating can not only contribute to weight loss but it also helps to lose lower belly fat. This Protein diet plan will also contain high fiber food that can also keep you satisfy and can lower the food craving.

Many research works have found that eating a high protein diet meal plan can not only promote healthy metabolism but it also helps in reducing weight.  There are also many advantages related to a high protein diet plan for muscle gain, promoting bone health, and even lowering blood pressure. Of course, there are many advantages of using a protein diet plan but above are scientifically proven advantages of using a high protein diet plan.

Let’s dig deeper into its advantages and after I will provide you a meal plan that will help you to lose your weight in 7 days. Of course, you have to maintain your diet if you want to see good sustainable results. So, here are the advantages of using a 7 day diet plan for weight loss.

Slowing the Process of Aging by Using High Protein Diet Meal Plan

With the aging process usually bones can get a week. If bones are not there for you to hold your weight then, you can suffer from many diseases. Fragile bones can reduce the quality of life of many people. If you want to remain fit even if your age then you should give the protein a try. Research has found that a high protein diet plan can help to avoid an age-related problem called Sarcopenia.

You should keep in mind that only eating food with high protein diet meal plan cannot do well alone. You should have to remain active and adopt good habits if you want to enjoy every period of your life. Life has many chapters if you want to enjoy all of them you have to be fit otherwise life will not seem the way it seems now. Of course, you can help your bones by following fat protein efficient diet plan free.

High Protein Diet Plan Helps to Repair the Injuries

In many cultures, protein is hailed as a way of repairing injuries to test the myth much scientific research work was conducted and results were no surprises as it concluded that eating more protein after an injury can help boost the process of recovery.

Proteins are building blood of our muscles, tissues, and organs. Eating more protein can help the body to repair its damaged parts. If you don’t have any injuries then eating soup rich in protein and having other high protein diet plan for muscle gain can help your body to gain strength and muscles.

Protein Diet Plan to Reduce Hunger Level

high protein low carb diet plan as well as a high protein diet plan is there to reduce the hunger level and craving. Protein works to reduce the hunger hormone called ghrelin.  When this hormone is reduced another hormone called peptide YY is released that helps to make to satisfy. This hormone keeps your hunger level lower eventually lowers the food craving.

The research found that replacing carbs with proteins can help to lower weight and belly fat. This lowering of fat is achieved by a high protein diet meal plan which keeps you to remain full hence reducing food craving.

Diet plan to increase Muscles Mass and Strength

It is worth noting that reducing weight can come with the side effects of losing muscles. You can keep your muscles intact and lose weight by keeping an adequate amount of protein to your diet plan.

Protein is the building block of muscles so if protein supply is good your muscles will also grow especially if you go through training and exercise. Many studies have shown that a high protein diet plan can increase your muscle mass and even your muscle’s strength. Due to these reasons, many protein supplements are available in the market for those who want to increase their body’s muscle mass.

Make sure that you don’t depend on protein only and leave exercise. Being inactive and increasing the supply of proteins can lead to obesity and even bally fat gain.

Boosting Metabolism by Using High Protein Diet Plan

Another advantage of using a high protein diet plan is that your metabolism can boost for a short while and this will boost the burning fats of your body. The research found that the body utilizes calories for making food and it is found that protein can burn fat up to 25- 35% than fat or carbs.

The research found that having a ideal protein diet plan can boost the metabolism and one can lose from 100 to 200 calories each day. Another research has suggested that 260 calories can be burned every day by having a high protein diet plan. This calorie figure is equivalent to 1 hour of intense exercise.

The disadvantage of Using Fat Protein Efficient Diet Plan Free

The kidney is the organ that filters the blood and It is believed that protein intake is not good for your kidney. To test this myth many research work is done and the result from theses research concluded that having a high protein diet plan can affect the kidney which is pre-affected. Affected kidney means that you already have pre-existing kidney disease before using a high protein diet plan.

Kidney problems can cause many severe problems but it is worth noting that if you have a healthy kidney the high protein diet plan will not harm your kidney. Many researchers have found that having a high protein diet plan shows no harmful effect on people that have healthy kidneys.

It is clear from the above discussion that having a high protein diet plan can have many advantages. So, now I will tell you how to make a diet plan.

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7 Day Diet Plan For Weight Loss

The below-mentioned meal plan will give you 50gram of protein and more than 20 grams of fibers. This quantity of protein fiber in the diet can help to burn calories from 1,500 to 2,000 depending upon the type of activity you have in your day. If you are good at math you can calculate the calories according to the diet plan below and can create your own high protein diet plan. If you don’t want to dive into the math behind the high protein diet meal plan then pay heed to only food, not on the calories.

Day 1

On day 1 try to have the meals as suggested below

Breakfast (274 calories)

In breakfast drink, 2 smoothies are made from the following ingredients.

  • 1 cup low-fat drinkable yogurt (kefir)
  • 1 cup of barriers mixed with orange juice
  • 1-2 tablespoons fresh in combination with 1 tablespoon of honey.

1 Cup will contain a total of 137 calories in this calorie protein will be present in 6%. Having 2 glasses in a day means that you need to have 274 calories in your system and these calories can make up to 12% of protein.

Snack (NOT more than 60 calories)

In snacks, you have 1 cup of strawberries or raspberries according to your taste. You can either drink it or you can eat it.

Lunch (Not more than 400 calories)

In the lunch you need to have protein only so, treat yourself to Chicken along with a salad. In the sweet dish, you can have clementine or other citrus fruit.

Nigh Snack (Not more than 150 calories)

You can have 12-14 walnut halves in your nigh snack. In 100 grams of walnut, you can have 15g of protein so you can have walnut in your night snack time.

Dinner (Not more than 400 calories)

In the dinner have a salmon fish along with lemon garlic butter sauce. You can also have a salad with the salmon if you like. You should also introduce quinoa to your dinner because it is rich in protein, dietary fiber, and vitamin B.

Quinoa has many advantages so having it in the diet is very important. You can make Quinoa by adding 1 or 2 cups of water to the saucepan and let the quinoa sock the water.

diet plan

Day 2

On day 2 you also need to follow the things mentioned in the high protein diet plan.

In breakfast (Not exceed 300 calories)

Just like on day 1 you start your day off with a smoothie you have to do it again and have 2 smoothies to start your day. Kick start your day with a protein drink which is high in fiber content will help you to reduce hunger level.

In Morning Snack (Not more than 100 calories)

In daytime snack just as on 1st day you introduce barriers into your system you have to do the same. This time you have to reduce the number of barriers to your system.

Lunch (Not more than 400 calories)

In the lunch, you can have whole-grain spaghetti mixed with zucchini noodles. You can make a bowl of noodles by following the ingredient list which are 4 ounces of spaghetti whole grain, 7 – 8 cups of zucchini noodles, 11-12 ounces of cooked shrimp, and ¼ cup of feta cheese.

Night Time snack (Not more than 100 calories)

In snack, you can either have a full cup of berries or you can have ½ cup of plain yogurt.

Dinner (not more than 400 calories)

At the dinner have chicken & potatoes with kale.

If you want to make your daily intake to 1500 calories you can add almonds to your morning snacks.

diet plan

Day 3

On day three you can change things a bit because having the same things can make you lose your diet plan.

Breakfast (Not more than 300 calories)

Overnight oatmeal is very healthy as it helps to combat diabetes, diseases, and even cancer. So, why not introduce oatmeal to your morning breakfast.

On Morning Snacks (Not more than 50)

Now try to reduce the calorie intake in your morning snack you can have small fruit especially peach to your morning snack time.

Lunch (Not more than 400 Calories)

The lunch has noodles bowl again because it will give you an adequate amount of calories that your body requires.

Night snack (Not more than 90 calories)

You can have 2/3 cup of nonfat plain yogurt or you can have a half cup of berries. You can either have strawberries or you can have raspberries.

Dinner (Not more than 450 calories)

You can have one bowl of creamy lentil soup with 2 cups of mixed greens along with 1 cup of vinaigrette.

diet plan

Day 4

On day 4 we are shuffling things to provide you with the best high protein diet meal plan.

Breakfast (Not more than 300 calories)

At the breakfast, you can have a cold oatmeal dish called muesli this dish usually has ingredients like grains, nuts, fresh or dried fruits, and seeds. With this oatmeal, you can also have raspberries or strawberries but keep in mind that you don’t have to exceed the limit.

Morning Snacks (Not more than 100 calories)

In the morning snack you can have fruit in specific you can have a medium sized apple.

Lunch (Not more than 400 calories)

Again in your lunch, you would need a noodle bowl.

Night snack (Not more than 50 calories)

In the night snack, you need to have 2/3 cup of blackberries

Dinner (Not more than 420 calories)

In the 4th day dinner, you can have a cauliflower rice bowl with grilled chicken.

diet plan

Day 5

On day 5 continue your diet plan and have the calories as stated on the diet.

Breakfast (have less than 300 calories)

At the breakfast, you can have overnight oatmeal or you can have something else that has a high level of protein and calorie level below 300.

Morning Snack (no more than 150 calories)

In the morning snack, you can have plain yogurt with raspberries.

Lunch (no more than 400 calories)

In the lunch have a noodle bowl. If you don’t like noodles have a protein-rich diet that has less than 400 calories.

Night Snack (Not more than 15 calories)

Have ½ cup of bell pepper or other food that has calories less than 15.

Dinner (Not more than 400 calories)

In the night snack on Friday you can have slow-cooked vegan chili with salmon or meat, or you can have something else which has calories less than 400.

diet plan

Day 6

On day 6 you can have the following things in your diet.

Breakfast (less than 300 Calories)

At the breakfast try to have food that contains high protein content and calories less than 300 for example you can have muesli with raspberries.

Morning snack (less than 80 calories)

In the morning snack try to have plain yogurt which has less than 80 calories.

Lunch (less than 300 calories)

You can have food that has calories less than 300 or you can have some custom recipe like vegan chili.

Night Snack (less than 15 calories)

In the night snack have cucumber with a pinch of salt and pepper.

Dinner (less than 500 calories)

Dinner should be heavy you can have Chicken thighs or other recipes involving chicken. Keep in mind that you do not cross the limit of 500 calories.

diet plan

Day 7

On the last day of the week, you can start your day off with heavy calories and can end the day with a minimum number of calories/


You have to start your day with not more than 300 calories so you can have overnight oatmeal that can give you 300 calories.

Morning snack

You can either have plain yogurt or you can have raspberries. Plain yogurt should be not more than ¾ cups. You can also have a medium-sized pear if you like.


In lunch, you don’t have to exceed the calories beyond 300 calories. You can have Slow-Cooker Turkey Chili and after that have an apple.

Night snack

At the night snack have clementine and do not exceed the calories limit of 40 calories.


In the dinner have roasted vegetables along with fried eggs.

You can repeat the meal plan for next week or you can change things a bit and make up your meal plan. You can create your meal plan if you find out about the calories and protein content of the meal. You should also consider having more fiber in your diet because fiber also helps in weight loss. It also creates the sensation of being full so you can eat less and burn more calories.

diet plan


  1. Can you follow the diet throughout the month?

Ans. Yes, you can follow the diet and it is recommended that you follow the high diet plan for many months. You can see yourself losing weight only if you are consistent with your plan. A Diet plan can be beneficial for weight loss only for those people who are determined to follow it exactly as mentioned.

  1. What are the side effects of using a high protein diet plan?

Ans. There is a side effect involved with a high protein diet plan that is related to the kidney. If you have a kidney problem then it is not advised to follow such plan involving high protein content. Other than kidney problems no major side effects are seen in the people who follow a high protein diet plan. Keep in mind that the effects of a high protein diet can occur from person to person so if one person experiences drastic weight loss you may experience some other changes.

  1. Can you achieve weight loss only by changing diet?

Ans. It depends on the type of activities you perform in your day. If you are active throughout the day then changing just the diet can do the trick. On the other hand, if you live sedentary life then only changing diet cannot do the trick you are looking for. A change of diet along with healthy activities can make sure that you lose weight.

  1. Can you do exercise while following a high protein diet?

Ans. Yes, you can perform the exercise while on a high protein diet. Performing exercise can help to burn the fat. Moreover, a combination of a high protein diet with exercise can increase your muscle strength and muscle mass.



A high protein diet is usually preferred by many people because having food rich in protein can help to not only reduce the weight but also it can help to reduce the belly fat. In addition to this, muscle strength is also increased by using such a diet. There are many advantages of using a high protein diet some of which are explained one by one in the article.

A high protein diet plan can be for many days it can be for a week or a month. If you want to follow it for more than a week or a month then it is up to you. The more you follow the plan the more you will experience weight loss.