Best Joint Pain Relief Supplements – Get Relieved Today 2021

Joints bear a heavy bodyweight. Joints connect the whole skeleton system allowing you to move in all sort of direction. Old age and other many reasons can cause pain in joints. Medications are there for joint pain relief but they will not cure your joints.

Sometimes, joint pain is caused by illness or other injuries. However, there are varieties of causes that lead to pain in your joints that are: Osteoarthritis, Ligament sprains, Rheumatoid arthritis, Bursitis, Gout, Muscular strains. Most common form of joint pain is knee main.

People frequently complain about having a knee pain followed by shoulder pain, hip pain, and elbow pain. Before knowing the knee joint pain relief you need to know about man

To know how to have joint pain relief you need to know what is causing the pain in the first place. When you find out the reason behind the pain you can have medication dedicated to such a problem.


Most common cause of joint pain is arthritis. Arthritis can be of two forms that are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Arthritis affects knees, hip, wrists and hand joints. Osteoarthritis breaks the cartilage of your joints and this cartilage is there to act as a cushion and to absorb the shocks experienced by the joints.

In rheumatoid arthritis, joints can deform which leads to pain, inflammation, and even fluid is stacked up in the joints due to the attacking of white blood cells at lines of the joints. According to the statistics 54 million people are suffering from arthritis only in America.

Joint Pain Relief Supplements

Remedies for Natural Joint Pain Relief

Before diving into any remedies, ask your doctor first about the type of remedies you are thinking to have. Your doctor will tell you about the best you can get from remedies. If he lets you have remedies then here are some common remedies which you can follow.

Apply Cold and Hot Treatment

Applying cold things to the joint can help to ease joint swelling and inflammation. To have this treatment apply a cold bag of ice to the joint for 15 minutes that is experiencing pain. Apply it for 15 minutes with an interval of 30 minutes.

Applying hot things makes your muscle relax and promotes blood flow. For heating treatment use a moist heating pad or damped towel. Remember to have it hot not too hot because having too hot can burn your skin. If you don’t want to apply anything you can have hot water in your tub or you can take a hot shower. Remember that hot water can increase your blood pressure so if you have high blood pressure avoid using hot tubs.


Having a massage for joint pain relief is even used by people in the past and it is even used today. Modern science also confirms the fact that massage can help in is joint pain relief. You have to find a good massage therapist who knows about the massage of people suffering from joint pain.


It is the oldest technique used by the Chinese to relieve pain. This technique involves fine needles penetrating in the special place of the body. Research has confirmed the role of acupuncture in joint pain relief. The acupuncture technique claims that it can correct the balance of energy in the body. Other researchers have found that this technique can lower the chemicals in your body that are linked with inflammation. Moreover, it is also believed that it can help with back pain.

Magnetic Therapy

Magnetic therapy involves using magnetic forces to heal the painful part of the body. The magnets are usually in form of bracelets, rings, pads, or disks. Some massagers also have the magnetic massage option in which magnets are placed on the top of the back. It is believed that magnets can suck away the pain.

Many researchers have found the usefulness of such techniques in pain-relieving. Contrary to this, other researchers have concluded that pain is reduced mainly due to the placebo effect. No matter which is the reason why it works the important thing is that it actually works.


This may sound unappealing to you because you are suffering from pain and any exercise can worsen your pain. But, this is not true it won’t make your arthritis worse rather it can help to lower the swelling and help to ease the pain. It is important to ask your doctor first because the doctor will tell you which type of exercise you can do. Doing exercise other than prescribe one can complicate things.

Stress management

It is believed that stress can increase the pain of your body no matter if it is arthritis pain or other pain. So, you should release your stress you can either do it by yoga or by having other sorts of treatments. Managing stress will come with other benefits along with joint pain relief.

Controlling stress can also be done by exercising or by having psychotherapy. In most of the cases placebo effect work and you get reduced stress that results in joint pain relief.

Cream, Gel, and patches

Cream, gel, and patches can be made from material available in a normal household like most creams use capsaicin. Such ingredients can also found in food like chili pepper. Studies have shown that using creams, gel and patches help to reduce the pain. You can have joint pain relief cream or other creams to soothe the pain.

Herbal Joint Pain Relief

Herbs are there which can help in soothing your pain and can provide you pain relief. There are many herbs that can contribute to joint pain relief but a few important ones are described below.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is widely used in medicines. You can find Aloe Vera in form of pills, gels, power or you can also found Aloe Vera in raw form. There are many benefits of using Aloe Vera like having anti-inflammatory properties, good for skin, and can cure your sunburns.

You can either consume it by mouth or you can use cream made from it. Many researches have shown the benefits of using Aloe Vera but some studies also suggest that it can interfere with diabetes medication because it lowers the blood glucose level.


Many people use eucalyptus around the world for many conditions one of which is joint pain relief. Extracts of these leaves are used as a remedy for joint pain. This plant leaves has ingredient which help to reduce swelling and pain of arthritis. Some people recommend having a heating pad along with this herb to increase its healing power.


Turmeric is being used in many cultures as a pain relieving medicine. Turmeric is being used in medicine for a very long time. Research has found that turmeric can blocks protein that is responsible for causing inflammation. Despite the use of turmeric as pain reliving turmeric belongs to the class of ginger and it also has many advantages other than pain-relieving.


Many studies have found that ginger contains anti-inflammatory properties and such properties are used in medicinal purposes. Ginger can also be a good alternative to no steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. In addition to joint pain relief, ginger also has many advantages. Ginger not only soothe your pain but it can also help to prevent bone destruction.

You can have ginger either directly or you can use it in your food. You can also make your tea out of ginger. Despite having many advantages it is advisable to use ginger in a controlled amount. Anything can become dangerous if it is consumed in a larger amount.

Green Tea

It is an established fact that green tea contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Having green tea can soothe your pain because of the innate property of green tea. Green tea is a healthier option than coffee, soda or any sugary drinks. You can either have green tea as a beverage or you can have it in powdered form or you can take it as a supplement.

Willow bark

Willow bark date back in ancient time and it is still used today for si joint pain relief. It has anti-inflammatory properties and you can use it in form of tea or as a tablet. You should ask your doctor first before having willow bark as a herbal join pain relief. Common side effects of using willow bark include stomach upsetting, high blood pressure, allergic reaction, and stomach ulcers due to overdose.

Best Supplement For Joint Pain

There are many best supplement for joint pain and joint pain relief cream for soothing the pain experienced in arthritis. There are many kinds of joint pain relief medicine and joint relief pills available in the market from which some have been chosen for you.

Joint pain is seen more in women as compared to men. The main reason behind this is menopause. When menopause appears hormone of the body also experience changes. Due to the hormone changes, body will not be able to absorb calcium in the bones properly. When adequate level of calcium is not absorbed in the bones conditions like brittle bones and arthritis will appear.

Medicinal treatment option depends on the cause of the pain. If it is caused by accumulation of fluid then doctor can draw the fluid out to test for infection or to test if you have gout or other disease. There can be many causes of the joint pain. Sometimes doctor can ask you to have surgery to replace the joint.

Other nonsurgical methods to cure such ailment include having a change in lifestyle or medications that can be causing arthritis. In the case of arthritis, doctor will examine the inflammation that causes pain. Once the arthritis is found, medical treatment will help to keep it for worsening. Having a flared-up arthritis is difficult to treat and you may feel intense pain and discomfort.

Joint Pain Relief Supplements

Joint Pain Vitamins

Vitamin D supplement is recommended for maintaining overall muscle health. Vitamin D is seen as pro steroid hormone. Human can have vitamin D by standing in the sunlight. Most people above the age of 50 can have vitamin D deficiency. If you have joint pain check your vitamin level and if it seems low have vitamin for joint pain.


Arthritis is usually seen more in women than men. Estrogen hormone is found in women and this is very important for skeleton health. Women with postmenopausal usually have low estrogen in their body. Joint pain and stiffness in joint are primary symptoms of menopause. You need to talk to your doctor and your doctor will prescribe you medicines if you lack estrogen.

Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfate

There two chemicals are also referred to women with joint pain especially knee pain. Degenerated joint diseases are seen in many people so supplements containing this formula are provided. There are studies that show no benefit by using such chemicals in pills glucosamine.

On the other hand, there are many studies that show significant reductions in joint pain. Various studies have shown that these chemicals can help soothe the pain in addition to reducing the swelling and joint space narrowing.

Methylsulfonlymethane (MSM)

Research has found the use of MSM in relieving joint pain. It helps to improve bone function hence reducing stiffness of joints.

Omega 3

Omega 3 contains fatty acids and usually dose of 2 to 4g can have joint pain relief.  Omega 3 helps to reduce rheumatoid arthritis inflammatory, follow by joint pain, chronic spinal pain, even depression, fibromyalgia, and menstrual cramps. You can either have omega 3 from you diet or you can take it as a Best Joint Pain Relief Supplements.

Side effects of omega 3 are seen in people who have taken omega 3 in large quantities such side effects include breast cysts in women. Omega 3 is very beneficial due to its anti-inflammatory effects on heart.

Joint Pain Relief Cream, rubs and sprays

To soothe the pain cream and patches are applied on the sore area. All the creams, rubs, sprays, patches are designed to help you with the pain. However, the ingredients may not be the same in every cream or patch you buy from the market. The ingredients which are commonly available in creams or sprays are as following.


Capsaicin is the main found in hot chili pepper. It is also one of the widely used ingredients for joint pain relief. In addition to for pain-relieving it also helps for curing diabetic nerve pain. When you apply such cream you will experience some burning sensation. This can get better over time, so, if you want to avoid burning sensation use capsaicin for couple of weeks.


This ingredient is also present in aspirin and due to this aspirin gets its pain relieving property. Such ingredients can absorb in the skin easily help to relieve pain especially in the joints of fingers, knees and elbows.

Menthol & Methylsalicylate

These ingredients are counterirritants and they works by creating distraction such as burning or cooling sensation. Body becomes more focus to such sensation hence diverting mind from other pain.


Such ingredient makes you feel numb thus work for joint pain relief. There are many creams available which has anesthetics and they are usually in form of gel, sprays and patches.


  1. Best way for knee joint pain relief
  1. These is no best way for having joint pain relief because the effects differ from person to person. So, if one thing works for one person it doesn’t mean that it will work for others. If you want the best way you need to perform some experiment, by experimenting you will surely find out what is best for you. You should know that ask your doctor about what you are going to do because doctor can provide you information about what is healthier for you.


  1. Why do my joints hurt so much?
  1. You can experience joint pain due to many reasons. It could be due to any injuries you have or it could be due to the age factor. Due to age many common ailments such as arthritis and other bone related problem can occur. Bone problems are usually seen in women of old ages. You may feel joint pain due to these reasons or an unknown cause can also trigger joint pain.
  1. What can I take to relieve joint pain?
  1. There are many things which can help in joint pain relief. You can either choose to have herbs for arthritis pain. Or you can have creams, sprays for having joint pain relief. If natural joint pain reliefs do not work then try to have medicines for having joint pain relief. Medicines have many drawbacks so it’s best that you choose natural treatment before going to the medication option.
  1. Do any joint supplements really work?
  1. Yes, it actually works and there are many studies which confirm the fact that supplements and other methods for having joint pain relief works. However, there are studies that have nullified the use of some natural treatment for joint pain relief. In a nut shell, supplements really works for treating pain of joints.Joint Pain Relief Supplements


Joint pain especially knee pain is very common in people of old age the joint pain can occur due to many causes but the most common cause seen in people is arthritis. Arthritis can be of two types but these both types of arthritis can contribute to joint pain. Joint pain relief is very important because with the pain it is difficult to live a normal life.


You cannot enjoy anything if you are constantly in pain. So, to sooth the pain there are many ways. Having Best Joint Pain Relief Supplements is an option but try to choose this option as the last option. You can first try with natural ways such as having herbs and creams, you can change your life style your diet and so on. If these don’t have you then you should consider having medicines.

Many remedies, herbs, supplements, creams are there to help with your pain. All you need to do is to consult your doctor about the type of medication you are going to have. If your doctor approves it then you can have remedies with ease. But if your doctor don’t recommend you to have such remedies then refrain from doing anything.