Best Supplements For Brain Health – Best Supplement for Memory and Concentration

Cells of the body regenerate and all of them have a life span except brain cells that are called neurons. According to the research, the life span of the red blood cell is approximate 115 days [1]. Similarly other body cells also constantly die and are replaced by new ones.

However, brain cells do not regenerate and remain with you for the rest of your life [2]. Unfortunately, due to many factors, you may lose your nerve cells that may affect your memory and concentration. However, there are many best brain health supplements available in the market that claims that they help to support brain cells.

There are researches that support the claim that supplement can improve the neurons. However, there are also other researches that demotivate the use of the supplement and encourage you to have natural vitamins and nutrients to main the brain cell healthy.

If you want to have a supplement for boosting brain activity then you may have to look for certain nutrients that can help to not only boost your memory but also your motivation, alertness, creativity, and even general cognitive functions.

Here are the 10 best brain health supplements that may improve your mental health.

Best Supplements For Brain Health – Best Supplement for Memory and Concentration

Fish Oil – Best Brain Health Supplements

Fish Oil SupplementsMost fish oil supplements are rich in DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and omega 3 fatty acid. The blend of these ingredients can increase brain health.

According to the research, the fatty acid has linked with many health benefits that also include brain health [3]. DHA can also play an important role in maintaining the structure as well as the function of the brain. DHA also accounts for 25% of the total fat of the body. Research also found that 90% of the brain cells are composed of omega-3 fat [4] [5].

EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) is also available in fish oil and it has anti-inflammatory effects. Research also concluded that EPA can also protect the brain cells from damaging and aging [6]

There are other studies that also link DHA supplements with improving thinking skills, reaction time, and memory. Studies also suggested that it helps people suffering from a mild decline in brain function [7][8][9].

Contrary to the DHA supplements, EHA may not link with improving brain function. However, it can reduce the piling up depression in the people. So, it can have mood-elevating effects [10][11][12].

Another study has indicated that having fish oil contains these essential facts, that can help in reducing the brain functions that are even associated with aging [13][14][15].

However, more studies are needed to properly know the effects of brain health by fish oil [16][17]. The recommended amount of omega 3 can be provided to the body by having two portions of fish oil per week [18].

If you cannot have this recommended amount then you can have a supplement to fulfill the demand. However, more research is required to find out the correct proportion of EPA and DHA to get maximum benefits. However, taking 1 gram of DHA and EHA can increase brain health [19].


Resveratrol can be the Best Brain Health Supplements. Resveratrol is an antioxidant that is usually found in the skin of fruits especially purple or red fruits such as grapes, raspberries, and blueberries. You can also found them in wine, chocolate, and peanuts.

It is also said that having resveratrol can prevent wear or tear associated with the hippocampus. This hippocampus is an important part of the brain that contains memory [20].

If the above thing is true then you can see that antioxidants can decrease the drying of brain function. and such a thing can improve memory [21].

However, there are not enough studies to confirm the impact of resveratrol can improve memory [22].

It is an antioxidant so it can also decrease depression and can help you get a feeling of wellbeing.

Resveratrol-and Caffeine Supplements Images


Caffeine is another Best Brain Health Supplements. Caffeine is easily found in tea, coffee, and dark chocolate. Caffeine can also be found in things other than this. You can also have a caffeine supplement but you can easily get it from the sources mentioned above.

Caffeine works by making your brain and central nervous system excited and responsive. By this effect, you will feel like you are less tired and more alert [23].

Despite its negative effects on sleep, several types of research indicated that caffeine can make you energized, can improve your memory, and can even enhance the reaction time [26][27][28].

A cup of coffee or tea can contain caffeine in 50–400 mg. According to the research dose of 200 to 400mg per day is considered a safe limit for the normal individual. Studies also have seen benefits by having this amount of caffeine [29][30] [31].

However, this can also be bad for you because it can take away your sleep [24] But, there is minimal research that indicates that caffeine can take away your sleep. In some studies, a net positive effect has been seen by taking caffeine [25]. Other negative effects of using caffeine include anxiety and nausea.


Acetyl-L-Carnitine is a naturally occurring amino acid. Such amino acid can be found in the body as it plays an important role in metabolism and for the production of the energy. Such amino acid is thought to have a relation with improving memory, feeling alert, and saving from memory loss.

It is naturally produced in our body so you don’t have to include such amino acid. However, due to some conditions like aging and other factors such as amino acid can decrease in the body. To keep it at the right amount you may have to consume it from external sources.

Some studies included animals and research concluded that acetyl-l-carnitine can prevent age-related retardation in brain activity. Moreover, studies also revealed that learning capacity is also increased by having such a supplement [32][33].

Studies have also been conducted on humans and the result is shown that it can boost the lethargic brain caused by age. Moreover, studies also found that such supplements can also improve brain functionality even in patients suffering from mild dementia or Alzheimer’s [34][35][36][37][38][39].

Unfortunately, there is no solid evidence that this acetyl L carnitine Best Brain Health Supplements improves brain activity.


Phosphatidylserine is the Best Brain Health Supplements because naturally it is found in the brain. It is basically a type of fat compound [40][41].
Many types of research suggest that having phosphatidylserine can help in maintaining brain health [42]. This fat compound is naturally available in the brain but due to some factors, it can decrease in number. So, you can maintain the amount by having this best brain health supplement.

Studies have shown that having 100mg of phosphatidylserine 3 times a day can help to reduce age-related fall in brain activities [43][44][45][46].

Another study has concluded the effect of taking such supplements on the brain and studies have found that taking 400mg a day can lead to an improvement in brain function and other thinking skills [47][48].

For considering this fact a large number of studies are required. The brain is a very complex thing so searches are required to better understand the effect of such best brain health supplements on the human brain.

Ginkgo Biloba

This supplement is more like a herbal supplement. This supplement is derived from the Ginkgo Biloba trees. This supplement is very popular among the people and many people take this herb to increase their brainpower. You can easily found such a supplement from your market or from online stores.

Such herbal supplement works by increasing the blood circulation to the brain. Such herb is also sued to improve focus, memory, and other brain functions.
Despite its large number of users, studies have different results regarding its effect on the human mind.

Studies have suggested that taking these Best Brain Health Supplements can help reduce the age-related decrease in the function of the brain [49][50][51].

Other studies that were conducted on middle-aged people suggested that such herbal supplements helped in improving memory and thinking skills [52][53].

However, studies can contradict because some may found other research that was not presented by other people [54][55].


Creatine is also a substance that is produced inside the body naturally. This is found mostly in the muscles and a small about of it is also found in the brain.

You can find creatine in animals’ products like meat, fish, and eggs. However, it is not a popular supplement because many people are not aware of its uses. People who are vegan can improve their memory and brain activity by using such a supplement [56].

Another study that included vegan showed that memory and thinking skills increased by 25 to 50%. Such improvement was calculated by having a memory as well as an intelligence test [57].

However, such supplements were given to meat-eaters but they didn’t realize the same benefit as observed before with vegan because such people were getting creatine from the diet [58].

Bacopa Monnieri

This is also a herbal medicine and such medicine was traditionally used for increasing brain functions. This herbal medicine is thought to increase thinking, and memory in people ranging from normal age to the elderly. An increase in brain activity is also seen in people who were facing a decline in brain activity [59][60][61][62][63].

Another study concluded that having a regular intake of this herb can increase brain activity. The study concluded that people taking 300 mg per day of bacopa monnieri for the period of 4 – 6 weeks experienced results.

Such studies also showed that taking it in regular quantity can also cause Ayurveda for improving brain function. Cause diarrhea and an upset stomach. This supplement is commonly taken by food so you can feel this type of condition [64].

Rhodiola Rosea

This is also the best brain health supplement and it is also derived from the herb Rhodiola Rosea. This herb is often used in Chinese Medicines for promoting healthy brain function.

This herb is also hailed as the best herb to improve mental processing. Mental processing is improved by reducing fatigue [65].

Studies have found that people having such supplements have shown decreased fatigue as well as improvement in brain function [66] [67] [68].

However, results from the different studies can vary.

Research conducted by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) concluded that to find the relation between brain working and Rhodiola Rosea, more research is needed. After the research, you can consider it a fact that Rhodiola Rosea can reduce tiredness and boost brain function [69].

S-Adenosyl Methionine

S-Adenosyl Methionine is naturally available in the body. Such a chemical is used by the body to breakdown important compounds like portions, facts, and hormones for production energy and to maintain proper body functioning.

Depression can decrease brain activity so research concluded that having the best brain health supplements reduce the retardation of the brain caused by depression. So, people having depression have shown an increase in brain activity by having such supplements [70][71][72].

A study found that the addition of this ingredient in the antidepressant prescription of people who do not respond to therapy can increase the chance of remission by 14% [73].

A recent study has seen the effects of this medicine and said that maybe the S-Adenosyl Methionine is as effective as some types of antidepressant medication available [74].

However, there are studies that contradict the studies mentioned above. There is also no evidence of its effects on people who do not have depression.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E has antioxidants that might help the brain to reduce stress and increase its productivity. Vitamin E has a variety of benefits other than boosting brain activity. You can find Vitamin E in oils, nuts, fruits, and vegetables. However, if you can also take vitamin E supplements if you don’t want each vitamin e rich food.

A study conducted in 2019 revealed Vitamin E’s advantages on health. It was also seen that vitamin e reduces heart diseases, stroke, and Alzheimer’s disease [75].

Researches have also found that having a high dose of Vitamin E can help people suffering from mild or moderate Alzheimer’s dementia. Unfortunately, vitamin E does not prevent the disease. You should also know that a high dose of vitamin E can cause hemorrhagic stroke.

Vitamin B

There are three vitamins that might be linked with brain health, the 3 vitamin B are Vitamin B6, Vitamin B9, and Vitamin B12. These 3 vitamins can help break down homocysteine, homocysteine can increase the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Vitamin B also helps to produce the energy that is needed to make new brain cells.

You can easily found vitamin B from the diet. However, you can find extra vitamin B from the supplement. If you are having trouble getting vitamin B from the diet you can have this form of a supplement. Unfortunately, studies have not shown the clear benefits of having Vitamin B for boosting brain activities.

Final Words

Brain health is most important because once neurons die there is no way that they will ever be going to produce again. There are different nutrients that can promote healthy brain activities. There are also many best brain health supplements that can boost brain activity.

These best brain health supplements may include vitamins such as vitamin B and Vitamin E. Such supplements may also include fish oil, resveratrol, caffeine, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Phosphatidylserine, Ginkgo Biloba, Creatine, Bacopa Monnieri, S-Adenosyl Methionine and it may include other ingredients.

There are research works that indicate that such ingredients help in improving brain activity. However, there are also researches that indicated that such ingredients do not work for improving brain activity.