Vegetarian Weight Loss Plan in 7 days – How to Go Vegetarian for Weight Loss

Following a high protein diet plan can help to reduce weight. A large number of people on earth are vegetarians. A vegetarian weight loss diet plan for weight loss is very important to consider if you want to lose weight. A high protein vegetarian diet plan works by lowering the unavoidable craving for food.

Don’t worry if you can’t eat meat or poultry for having a high protein diet plan. You can still have plenty of protein in your diet by having a vegetarian diet plan. There are many advantages of having a high protein diet plan because this vegetarian diet plan can decrease the risk of chronic diseases and it can also help to achieve aid weight loss. Research has confirmed the effects of weight loss by having a High protein vegetarian diet plan.

However, it seems difficult to lose weight on a vegetarian diet because vegetables are rich in refined carbs. Moreover, some foods are mostly processed and processed foods are not for having weight loss.

Out Vegetarian diet plan is here to help you and we avoid using such processed flood in our diet plan.

A vegetarian diet plan for vegetarian weight loss plan can be of many types some of them are following.

Vegetarian Diet Plan for Weight loss Types

People chose to go vegetarian weight loss due to many reasons. Some are vegetarian due to religious obligations, and some are vegetarian due to ethical issues. There are also many people which chose a vegetarian diet plan due to its health benefits.

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Types of vegetarian diets are

Allowing Some Animal Products:

Such a vegetarian diet plan can allow eggs and other dairy products while excluding eating meat, fish, and poultry.


Such a diet plan only allows dairy products while excludes all other products such as eggs, meat, fish, and poultry.


Such a diet plan allows only eggs and it excludes all other products such as dairy, meat, fish, and poultry.


Such a diet plan is there which excludes all animal products such as dairy, honey, eggs, poultry, fish, and so on.

However, there are other diet plans in which words by excluding fish only while others can exclude some specific animal products.

Vegetarian diets are mostly composed of vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and all the other products which plant produce. Such foods have rich fiber, micronutrients, and other beneficial components. These foods usually have low calories, fats, and proteins. Such foods are also considered responsible for keeping low food craving.

The vegetarian diet plan for weight loss usually contains foods that are rich in nutrients. Such food can help to reduce diseases linked with heart, cancer, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Many types of research confirm the fact that rich nutrient food helps to lower diseases.

However, the overall benefits of having a vegetarian diet for weight loss diet plan will depend upon the type of food you are eating. If you consider having unrefined processed food then you can have effects opposite to the one which is thinking. Studies concluded that having a vegetarian diet can make you lose weight.

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Is vegetarian weight loss plan Work?

There are many reasons why a vegetarian weight loss plan diet fails to work. However, it does not mean that you leave having a vegetarian diet plan for weight loss. The reason why the vegetarian diet fails are explained as follows.

Eating More Calories Instead of Protein

It is a common rule that the more calories you eat the more fat you can get. Protein is responsible for releasing a hormone that creates the sensation of being full. When you feel that you are full then you will avoid eating more to satisfy your hunger. This can aid in an easy weight loss mechanism. Research confirms the effect of protein on lowering calories and achieving weight loss.

However, there are vegetarian diets that ensure high protein intake to satisfy your appetite. You just have to do is to avoid such diets that have less amount of protein content.

Eating a Large Number of Carbs

Another disadvantage of having a vegetarian diet is that it can increase the number of carbs in the body. On a general vegetarian option in any restaurant you will be presented with a pizza, or pasta such foods can surely increase the carbs in your body. In addition to increasing carbs, you will be overeating and affecting your diet.

Foods that are rich in carbs often come with low fiber content. Fiber and protein are responsible for lowering the calories but when they are absent body can be filled with a large number of calories. Research also confirms the fact that low fiber food can increase calorie intake.

Some studies suggest that eating food with refined carbs can trigger the release of insulin due to which more glucose will absorb in the blood resulting in weight gain.

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Stuffing Calorie Rich Food

When you are on a vegetarian diet you may increase your calories because most plant foods can contain a high intake of fat. Vegetarian diet often contains nuts, seeds, coconut, avocados, and so on. These foods are rich in calories and even 1 gram can contain 9 calories. On the other hand, one gram of protein-rich diet contains 4 calories in 1 gram.

Processed Food

Processed food is not good for weight loss so, if your diet contains any processed food then you should avoid having such a diet that contains such food. Many vegetarian weight loss products can contain unhealthy ingredients. These include vegetarian burgers, meat substitutes, frozen meals, baked products, desserts, and vegetarian cheese.

Such foods are usually rich in sodium and chemical preservatives, and sugar which results in increased calories. These components can contribute to weight gaining. The research found that processed food can increase the risk of obesity because of the accumulation of bad cholesterol and even unregulated blood pressure levels.

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What to Eat for Vegetarian Weight Loss Plan

There are many vegetarian foods available but if you want to lose some weight then you should think of having such food that aids in weight loss. The following are the food that you need to consider that aid in weight loss.

Low Starchy vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans and legumes, Nuts and Seeds, Lean proteins, healthy beverages, and healthy fats.

What to Avoid in vegetarian diet for weight loss

Although, vegetables are healthy due to the intensive use of processed food healthiness of the vegetables is being compromised. Preservative and other sugar content are being added to processed food so it is better to avoid such food.

Refined carbs are also not good for a vegetarian diet plan these refined carbs are present in bread, bagels, and crackers.

Sugary foods and beverages such as candies, cookies, soda, energy drinks are also bad for you. So, try to exclude such things from your diet plan.

Read About Other Diet If You are Not Vegetarian.

Vegetarian weight loss diet means a plan for 7 days

This 7-day plan can give you an idea of what to eat in a vegetarian weight loss plan. You can extend the vegetarian weight loss plan for a month or any period you want. Keep in mind that the body works differently so if one person is experiencing a significant weight loss you might not get that much or you might get more than you expect.

Day 1

On the first day, you are required to have the following things


In the breakfast have oats along with some fruit especially apple or cinnamon.

Day time snack

For daytime, snacks have a light thing almond, raspberry, or chocolate.


At the lunch, you can have food that is not processed such as salad, avocado, tomato, vinaigrette, or if you can eat egg then have boiled egg for your snack time.

Nighttime snack

At nighttime snack time eat chocolate and a little number of dry fruits.


At the dinner, you can have beans soup and plain yogurt with whole-grain bread. You can also have a salad on the side if you like to have salad in your dinner meal.

Day 2

On day 2 you need to change things a bit you can include the following meals in your diet plan.


In breakfast have broccoli and cheddar. If you want to change your taste you can have berries. If you are not total vegan then you can eat scrambled eggs in your breakfast.

Day time snack

You can have an apple or orange in your snack time. You can also add cheese if you are ok with dairy products.


At the lunch, you can have a bowl full of rice with beans, tomato, onion, and avocado.

Nighttime snack

You can have chocolate or any fruit like apple or orange in your night snack time.


Dinner should be heavy so have zucchini noodles with sunflower seeds and beans.

Day 3

On 3rd day start the day with a light meal and end the day with a heavy meal.


Breakfast should include yogurt with pineapple, coconut, and walnut.

Day time snack

You can have almond, walnut fruit, or chocolate in your snack time. The goal is to introduce the body to wholesome food and avoid any processed food so, having such things in the diet can help to maintain health and to lose weight.


At the lunch, you can soup with chopped bell pepper along with beans or avocado.

Nighttime snack

Nighttime snack also contains your favorite fruit or chocolate or any dry fruit. Remember to eat such food in less quantity.


At the dinner, you can have whole grain pasta along with green beans. If you have allowed yourself for eating egg then you can also make yourself eggplant Parmesan along with the pasta.

Day 4

On day 4 now your body has adopted the new environment so the following diet should be taken in the vegetarian diet plan weight loss


At the breakfast have a smoothie mixed with almond milk, spinach, frozen berries, banana, and hemp seed.

Day time snack

In the daytime, snacks have chocolate or fruit like mango, banana, apple or you can also have dried fruit in your daytime snack such as almond, walnut, pistachios, and so on.


The lunch has whole grain bread with berries, carrots, and tomatoes.

Nighttime snack

In the night time snack, you can also have the snacks mentioned in day time snack. It is totally up to you, you can change the meal according to your taste. Another thing is that you can calculate the calories can you can also make a vegetarian weight loss meal plan custom for yourself.


At dinner have tofu with carrots, whole grain rice, soy sauce, broccoli, and if you are allowed to eat animal-related products then you can also have honey in your diet. Honey has countless advantages so, including honey in a diet plan is a good thing to consider only If you allow yourself in eating such animal products.

Day 5

On day 5 you have now got the idea of what we are achieving here so stick to your vegetarian diet plan weight loss.


At breakfast, you can have toast with avocado and you can have berries after finishing your toast. Furthermore, if you can eat eggs then try to include eggs in your breakfast. You can have 2 scrambled eggs in your breakfast.

Day time snack

In day time snack just like always treat yourself with the thing you like to eat it’s just one thing to remember is to eat it with care (NOT TOO MUCH).


At lunchtime, you can have kale, pecans, and dried cranberries, with salad. If you can eat dairy products then you can have cheese along with the meal mentioned above.

Nighttime snack

You can have yogurt with cherries along with raspberry. If you like having chocolate then have dark chocolate at night snack.


At dinner time you can have mushroomed along with baked sweet potatoes. If you want to make something special then you can made chickpea patties.

Day 6

On day 6 you can have the above diet if you want but if you want to change something then you can follow the vegetarian diet plan mentioned below.

Before Breakfast

Before you have breakfast it is advised to have a 10 ml wheatgrass juice just after waking up.


For breakfast make yourself 1 cup of oatmeal with 1 cup of green tea.

Day time snack

In the daytime snack you can have chocolate or any fruit of your liking but remember to have it just one cup.


At lunchtime, you can make any vegetable of your licking along with 1 cup of boiled lentils.

Nighttime snack

In the night snack, you can have dark chocolate along with 2 or 3 baked potatoes. You can also have spinach cake with yogurt dip.


At the dinner, you can have ½ cup of mushroom with chocolate mousse.

Day 7

On the 7th day, you need to have fewer amounts of calories as compared to other days.


When you wake up have a glass of water mixed with 1 lime. If you can have honey then try to have 2 tablespoons of honey.


In breakfast have overnight out the meal with almonds and banana you can have 4 almonds and 1 banana.

Day time snack

In the day time, you can have green tea or black coffee.


In the lunch, you can have whole grain bread along with berries, carrots, and tomatoes.

Nighttime snack

You can have 1 cup of green tea with 15 pistachios.


1 cup of boiled black beans along with spinach, and corn salad if you can have dairy products then you can have 1 cup of warm milk.

Total Number of Calories Plan

In the 7 day plan if you want to make your custom diet then here is the amount of calories you need to have in 7 days. On the 1st day, you need to have a total of 1800 calories. On the 2nd day, you can have 1500 calories. On the 3rd day, you can have 1200 calories. On the 4th day, again have 1200 calories. On the 5th day, 1500 calories will be good. On the 6th day, give yourself a break and have 2000 calories. On the last day, 1500 calories are required if you want to lose weight.

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How to plan a balanced vegetarian diet?

A balanced vegetarian diet is one that has all the nutrients your body requires. Balance vegetarian diet plan is one that does not contain any processed food and sugary drinks. A lot amount of sugar is present in fruits so, if you are having fruits in large quantity then you should avoid having their juices. A balanced vegetarian diet can not only give you vegetarian weight loss plan but it can also provide you all the nutrients that your body requires.

How to lose weight fast diet plan vegetarian

Losing fat on a vegetarian diet is difficult because vegetables are rich in carbs and the body utilizes carbs for energy and does not bother to break fat for energy. You will experience vegetarian weight loss plan if your body starts to use fats for energy rather than carbs. So, the vegetarian weight loss meal plan should include foods with lots of fiber.

What is a wholly vegetarian diet plan?

The whole vegetarian diet plan for losing weight is explained above. If you want to make your vegetarian diet plan then you can make it by looking at the calories and nutrients which the diet provides. Not only calories are important but having fiber and proteins are also very important because it creates the sensation of being full.

How to start your vegetarian diet plan?

You can start your diet if you know how much calories you need to experience vegetarian weight loss plan. In addition to this, the nutrients are also very important because a balanced diet is very important for the body. Balancing the diet can cause many diseases in the human body. So, it is advised to have a balanced diet to maintain a healthy body.

How to lose weight on a vegetarian diet plan?

Losing weight on a vegetarian weight loss meal plan requires a lot of research about the foods that you are going to take. You have to avoid processed food, high carb food, and sugary drinks. You should also take care of the number of calories you are going to put in your body

Can you follow this diet plan for weight loss in 2 or 3 weeks?

Ans. Yes, you can follow this diet plan for more than 2 to 3 weeks but if you are going to follow this diet plan for a longer time then I would recommend you to see our more diet plan for the month of for a longer period. It is totally for you to follow the diet plan for more than a week. This diet plan for weight loss is made especially for the week but if you want to follow it will be totally up to you.

Can I add other things to this Diet plan?

Ans. Yes, you can add things to the diet plan for weight loss but remember to add things that I have asked in the diet plan. I have left a margin for you to add the things according to your taste. You can add or remove a thing but keep in mind to replace a similar thing. For example, if you are replacing almond have walnut and so on.

Just following the Diet plan for weight loss can make me lose weight?

Ans. No, if you are not an active person and you are living a sedentary life then, only the diet will not help. You have to make yourself active. A slight or hard exercise can help you to burn weight fast. A blend of exercise with diet makes it a sure way to lose fat quickly.

How much can I lose weight by following this diet plan for weight loss?

Ans. There is no boundary to what extent you will lose your weight. Moreover, different people have different body responses. So, if one experiences a loss in large bodyweight others can feel the opposite.

Why I am not losing weight?

Ans, Not everyone is the same your metabolism and body are different from other people. So, you need to work harder than people who are experiencing weight loss. You have to add hard exercise along with your diet to achieve weight loss.

What should I eat to lose weight in 7 days?

Ans. You should eat fewer carbs if you want to get results. Moreover, only eating will not show you result drastically you need to add exercise to your life if you want the result which you are looking for.

How to Make a Diet Plan for Weight Loss?

To know how to make a diet plan for weight loss you need to look at the beginning of the article. A diet plan for weight loss can be hard as well as easy to make based on your living habits. However, the above mentioned diet plan is easy to adopt.

Can I have quick weight loss diet plan for men pdf?

Yes you can have quick weight loss diet plan for men pdf from our website. We will provide you with the best and easy diet plan to follow.

Is this diet plan is gluten free diet plan for weight loss?

Yes, this diet plan encourages you to have gluten free diet plan for weight loss. This diet plan can help you in weight loss.

What is low Carb diet plan for weight loss ?

Carbs are the carbohydrates and they are easily available in the body for energy. Body uses this energy for work, however, if you limit the supply of carb by having  low carb diet plan for weight loss then your body will start to use the fat for energy.


There are many types of vegetarian weight loss meal plan for various vegetarian people. If you are vegetarian for ethical or religious reasons then this diet plan can also work for you. If you choose a diet because of health reasons then you can have also include dairy or animals related products in your diet.

Weight loss by a vegetarian diet is difficult because vegetables contain carbs and having rich carbs food demotivates your body to utilize fats for energy. There is a plan to achieve a vegetarian weight loss plan that is with special food that is rich in fiber and proteins. Fiber and proteins create the sensation of being full and thus restrain the body from overheating.

The vegetarian weight loss diet plan in 7 days is explained in the article. If you live a sedentary life then you should know that only diet cannot do the trick you need to be active if you want to lose your weight in real.